Endosulfan & Pears
Avocados With Pentachlorophenol
Industrial Orange
Composition for Meyer Lemon & Chlorpyrifos
Industrial Plums
Loaded Squashes
Chili Parathion
Fragola Amara (Bitter Strawberry)
Industrial Strength Grapes
Troubled Oranges
Manmade Pears
Tomato And Chemicals
Summer Squash Blues
Hot Potatoes
Asparagus & Dacthal
Manmade Bellpeppers
Tainted Lettuce
From The Banana Factory
Apple And Three Formulas
How ‘Bout Them Apples?
Toxaphene Peanuts
Altered Strawberries
Instant Coffee
Manmade Peaches
The Trouble With Kiwi
Permethrin Tomatoes
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